A running list of public remarks and contributions...


      Building Secure and Reliable Systems (O'Reilly, 2020), H. Adkins, B. Beyer, P. Blankinship, A. Oprea, P. Lewandowski, A Stubblefield

Volunteer and Industry Groups

      Silverado Policy Accelerator - Strategic Advisor
      Defending Digital Democracy - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard Kennedy School
      Protein fold with team #258829!

Conference Committees

     14th Usenix Security Symposium Program Committee (2005)
     SANS Threat Hunting Summit Advisory board (2016, 2017, 2018)
     Usenix Enigma Program Committee - Privacy Eng Session Chair (2020)

Presentations and Speaking

      2010-06-15 FIRST Annual Conference - Incident Response at Scale - remarks on Operation Aurora (p)

      2011-02-10 RSA - Panel on Advanced Persistent Threats: War Stories from the Front Lines (p)

      2013-09-10 TechCrunch Disrupt - Panel on Weaponizing Bits

      2014-02-10 SANS Threat Intel Summit - Keynote: Looking at Data... A Google Approach

      2016-01-12 National Academy of Sciences - Data Breach Aftermath and Recovery for Individuals and Institutions [Final Proceedings]
      2016-04-01 Women in CyberSecurity (WiCys) - From the Incident Response Mines (p)
      2016-04-15 SANS Threat Hunting & Incident Response Summit - Hunting Your Memory (s)
      2016-11-01 O'Reilly Security Conference - Once Upon A Future - Keynote

      2017-02-13 RSA eFraud Forum - Our Future Without Passwords
      2017-02-14 RSA - BeyondCorp (p) (p)
      2017-02-17 Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast
      2017-04-19 SANS Threat Hunting Summit - From Fudd to Terminators (s)
      2017-09-11 Harvard Kennedy School Panel on Elections and Cyberthreats
      2017-09-17 TechCrunch Disrupt (p)
      2017-11-07 Fal.Con UNITE 2017 - BeyondCorp

      2018-02-08 National Academy of Sciences - Recoverability as a First Class Security Objective [Final Proceedings]
      2018-04-17 RSA - Panel on Threat Hunting Strategy How to Catch Bears and Pandas

      2019-06-05 Security and Enterprise Thrive in the Cloud
      2019-07-11 National Academy of Sciences - Forum on Cyber Resilience - Remarks on Insider Risks
      2019-08-13 Talks @Google - Interview of Joseph Menn - How Cult of the Dead Cow Shaped Modern Cybersecurity
      2019-10-21 TechCrunch Disrupt
      2019-11-21 Australian Women's Cybersecurity Workshop on Bullying - Opening remarks

      2020-03-19 CyberCrime Magazine Podcast - Resiliency
      2020-10-16 Decrypted: Google Safety and Security Blog

      Other: Numerous private sessions with Democrratic National Committee (DNC), Atlantic Council, IARPA, 
        US Strategic Command, closed industry forums, company events, and C-Level teams.

Profiled in

      Women Know Cyber, 2019
      Forbes (Brand Voice), 2019
      Inside Google Blog, 2020

Misc Press 
      Australia Financial Review

Blog Posts For Google

     Our Security Stance, October 6, 2006
     An update on man-in-the-middle attacks (compromise of Diginotar and links to Iran), August 29, 2011
     How we're helping to reshape the software supply chain ecosystem securely, Jan 15, 2021